‘presage’ drawings

Thanks to all of you who have complimented, expressed interest in, admired and/or purchased the ‘presage drawings’! As they have grown slowly from visual meanderings in my sketchbooks, so have the suggestions to show these little creations as finished pieces. Not just ideas that stay in a book. On a shelf. Shared only when I pull them out for reference or at an open studio…

It is so interesting for me to hear the feedback, the big ideas that spring forth from  ‘small work’. They are ocean life, forest fairies, tortured spines, female biology; they are wide open and metamorphosing with your imaginations. Perhaps it is the delicate nature of these intimate little portraits of place that draw people in…the exploration of new media in a finished piece, or the freedom and joy with which they were drawn could possibly be a source of creative energy for the viewer. We don’t need to know how or why, really…just thinking out loud…meandering in words…

So, at the request of friends and clients, I am posting images of each of the eight drawings on hardboard today and the images of the mahogany veneer pieces another day.

Thanks for taking the time to browse…

Cheers, Siobhan

'presage drawing #9', 2010

'presage drawing #10', 2010

'presage drawing #11', 2010

'presage drawing #12', 2010

'presage drawing #13', 2010

'presage drawing #14', 2010

'presage drawing #15', 2010

'presage drawing #16', 2010


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