seeing circles, the derive way

A derive a day…keeps the doctors away and lets your brain & body play.

The idea is simple: go for a wander. Observe with fresh outlook. Follow a map, don’t follow a map. Meander. Take one left for every second right. Go straight and see where it leads. Take your bike, take your feet. Stop to think. Stop to drink. Rest your bones, turn off your phone. Just look at the markings along the way, or take so many photos you have to delete three apps from your phone…

Today, I searched for circles. I looked for them at first, then they just seemed to find me. I am a fan of the shape, as you may know. It is a universal symbol of many ideas, themes, beliefs… Here it just stands for fun. Have fun…it’s what keeps you alive. That, and breathing.

circle health

diebenkorn circle

tree promo circles

rauschenberg circle

jump school circle

circle 8 lemniscate

PS ~ thanks Lyla for the great Tai Chi & acupuncture. I am breathing even better still…

These were all taken an hour before your class as I wandered the streets that you & Chester once did…thinking of you both.


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