watercolour, graphite: new large scale drawing

Some people say that beauty is in the details. The reason, or at least my reasoning is that when you move closer into something, look specifically, focus especially at one particular detail, you are unable to see and therefore pay attention to all the other stuff that tackles your senses! This focus allows beauty to seep into the skin, the eyes, the brain in a way that may otherwise pass us by. It’s the stopping to smell the roses idea. And you can do it with anything…

So, three cheers for details. Three cheers for beauty…for focus, and life, and fresh air, and ART.

Here’s some details from a yet to completed drawing. The large ones I’ve started on 5′ x 5′ (152 x 152cm)300 lb Fabriano paper. Three cheers for 300 lb Fabriano paper, too!

'presage on paper' graphite detail, about 18"sq

presage on paper, detail in colour

presage on paper, detail loops

presage on paper, full colour detail, about 1' square

presage on paper, in the studio!


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