downtown derive august

wall post

marble gestures

reflector reflective

circles said

chirping shadows

will sing, won't promise

window patches

took a walk downtown. a solo derive, thinking and searching for a little something something. soaked inspiration through my skin eyes lense. visited the van art gallery, spent hours in a bookstore. left my sketchbook there. escaped into a movie. returned running to said bookstore to retrieve my book of pencil thoughts and ideas. the sense of relief felt when it was handed back to me infused a value to it that had not previously been therein. felt grateful & stupid at once…

a man in a forest green suv stopped me in an alleyway to ask why i was taking a photo of this particular wall. post. alley. the wabisabi of the raw and offbeat still life made an incoherent explanation to him. i explained simple composition, texture, contrast. his jaw dropped a little, brow furrowed and he drove away. no comment. it meant nothing and made no philosophical sense to him. i walked and snapped, snapped and walked on.

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