what happens…

what sits & hangs, in progress

…when you spend a huge slice of your time in the art studio…

i just finished writing a short article about the much anticipated Culture Crawl preview show titled ‘Process & Intent’, curated by artist and designer Alex Henderson. It is scheduled to open on November 21 at The Cultch in tandem with what promises to be a one of  a kind evening of music, dance and live painting, Echo Chamber!! And it got me thinking and looking around…

As this group show will coax out the more intimate aspects of the artistic process, I have been thinking of the many beautiful aspects of my own tenure in the studio. I love these still lifes. I love the way the paint dries on the palette or as it drips down the side of the recycled paper cup. I love the dance of paintbrushes with water, exacto knives with paper. I love my studio, with all the photogenic if messy vignettes. I love seedlings of ideas, the opportunity to grow ideas into finished works of art.

from above, paint cart

nailed, screwed & sprayed

of nature in studio

rinse, gather & paint


2 thoughts on “what happens…

  1. hey there! glad to finally connect with you online, you emailed me via my website ages ago and I have been away and remiss in details that relate to allthings computer… am in Spain now on a residency, would love to connect at some point down the road, will make it a mission to get to your studio for the culture crawl- we have met before, oddly, I recognized you in Army and navy a few years back we were in line together- I remember your work well from Bealart, was alway jealous of your drawing skills, I even remember one piece inparticular, something wih a meat grinder and words coming out?? that goes back 25 years. oh my. am intrigued by your studio still life of the paint cans etc and it looks very much like the painting that is on the wall in the photo above it, is that by chance?? all the best to you, until we bump into each other again, Sharon Kallis

    • thanks sharon!
      oh how i’d love to be in spain, too!! hope that goes/went super well!
      i do remember meeting you (and i think i remember, you were with your husband…having recognized him and you have a beautiful furry dog, too, no?)
      i thought this might be your work, but i thought it said somewhere that your tenure at bealart was way later.
      wow, i can’t remember you remember that drawing…which was super inspired by jim dine, if i recall…
      anyhow…yes, it would be lovely to bump into you again sometime…
      are you around for the ‘crawl’? if you are, and you’re not opening your studio, then perhaps at my studio during the crawl weekend!
      meanwhile, take good care, and keep on being wunderfully creative!!!

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