small drawings…& a contest!

new presage #3

OK, I’m a busy person, but I am certainly not above having a little fun, especially if it’s related to art. So, in light of a new, ongoing body of work that I’m doing, I’d like to propose a CONTEST! I started a new series of drawings using a new (to me)combination of materials and…can you guess what those materials are?!


PRIZE: WIN AN ORIGINAL DRAWING, sent or delivered to you no matter where you live!

CLUE: one of the materials is graphite. CLUE No2: one of the materials is what i am drawing On…what is it? CLUE no3: four materials does not include water, but water was used…LATEST CLUE, by means of publishing an answer from Lela Selmo in Italy: 1. watercolour, 2. gesso, 3. fabriano paper, 4. graphite. That’s 3 of 4, folks!! So close…

THE LAST CLUE(S)…unless it isn’t won! : *no wax, wood or watercolour paper. no oil, conte or ink. *it’s the surface that’s stumping you all so…how about, it’s more about ‘developing’/’printing’ than drawing?!

RULE: your name cannot be WendyD, as I already told you the answer (sorry Wendy!) and you must comment here on the blog, or email me directly in order to qualify.

These drawings will be shown, along with other brand new work, in my studio during this year’s Eastside Culture Crawl, November 26-28.

new presage #11

new presage #15

13 thoughts on “small drawings…& a contest!

  1. Hi Siobhan,
    Love your new pieces.
    I guess Pencil,Ink, Water and crayon/wax to make your defined edges where the ink & water don’t bleed!

  2. So with your clues, I’m guessing graphite, gesso, fabriano paper, and I’m wondering if charcoal is the fourth? Would water added to charcoal on the paper make those great textures? If not, then I guess India ink as the fourth. Can I do that???

    • and the winner is…DANA!!!
      thanks for playing. you can choose one of the three drawings on the blog, email me your address and i’ll post it to you!
      cheers, siobhan

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