thinking about light

I’m supposed to be painting. I’ve got layers and layers of work to do before anything can be prepped, packed & shipped to Toronto on Saturday (at the latest) but in thinking what needs to be done about/to these paintings before they are they feel finished/complete, I got to thinking about light.

There are recognizable elements of it in the paintings that I feel are working; that I feel add some warmth of sensation to the abstract. I listen to Patti Griffin and the aspects of light in music: the sweetness of a trombone harmony, a simple fade out, the heart wrenching lyrics. Without light, we fade in spirit; we find the day to day merely survival unless we replace it with other forms of light such as music, laughter or whatever it is that inspires us. Our bodies yearn for it, our minds bend toward it. And of course at this moment in time, I am inspired by the stories and spirit of the miners trapped well beneath the earth’s surface in a damp blanket of darkness. It is truly inspiring to hear their stories, see the smiles and tears when they step back into the light.

And so how does this relate to my work and thoughts? Well, it forces me to observe. To take note of what I love in the precious experiences called passing time.

It’s simple: I love the warmth of the sun, the dappled play of light through the leaves and into a moody forest, the way it makes layers of paint come alive, the way the body relaxes in it. And the irony of my comfort in the absence of it: I also am at home in fading light and eventual darkness.

Here are some recent snap shots that inspired me to ramble, in words and in miles…


sweet sun setting



i would live here as it is



moss proliferates with limited direct sunlight



way down under a thousand years



is it light that turned this water a strange glacier blue?



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