‘process & intent’

EASTSIDE CULTURE CRAWL ‘Process & Intent; The Making of Art’

As part of this year’s Culture Crawl experience, Vancouver’s Alex Henderson is curating “Process & Intent’, a group exhibition at The Cultch that will feature a behind the scenes look at the artist’s creative process. This show, which will be featuring the prototypes, maquettes, patterns and sketchbooks of ‘Crawl’ artists, will offer the viewing audience a rare opportunity to see how various artists bring an idea from the raw, fragmentary state and transform it into a finished work of art.

In Henderson’s Curatorial statement she acknowledges that leading up to the Crawl, artists tidy their studios, sweep away the sawdust, scrape away the clay and present their work in a finished state, with usually just a few clues as to how the pieces unfold. However, the art you see is the result of untold hours of focused work and countless moments of problem solving; of hitting a wall and persevering, and of large financial investment.

“Often people don’t realize what is involved in being an artist”, she commented when engaged in a passionate discussion about why and how she conceived this exhibition.  She feels that the more they understand, the more that people will come to value and appreciate not just the finished product, but the process, time and effort as well as tenacity that is required to maintain an artist practice.

For most artists, the finished product is just a small segment of the creative process. Visits to the library, trips to new places, discussions about form and function, notes on measurements, studies of the human psyche, keen observation and documentation are all parceled into the journey from the tiny seed that is an idea to the often brilliance of the finished piece. What about those famous lyrics scrawled onto an already stained napkin? Or the pages filled with colour samples, embedded with the historical references to colour theory?  All these visual stories become integral to the process and the product. And, even with a centuries old tradition of documenting, sketching and formulating, it remains exceptional to be presented with an occasion to view the most intimate of procedures. To see, and subsequently, value the age old tradition of art making.

For the over three hundred artists of varying disciplines, the interactive event that is the Eastside Culture Crawl affords each creator the chance to show the results of their hard work and this exhibition promises an even more intimate look into the world that many of us have a tendency to romanticize. This is the world of hard work coupled with imagination; of thought provoking creativity that brings joy and insight to our everyday life.


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