oh, the CRAWL!!

Well, here I am, starting to clean up the studio. Things to move into storage, things to take out. Ladders up & ladders down. I am finding all kinds of treasures…or at least what I consider to be of great use. Boxes of wood scraps (no photo necessary). Large stretcher frames for canvas (which I never paint on). Dried out branches from last year’s C-mas tree (definitely, you want to see a photo of this when it’s resurrected)! String, wire, curtain rods, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, birthday wrap and paper of every size, shape and texture. Even an old full size Xray of my heart from 1997. I am not miss crazy collector girl, I do however have a talent for finding and storing very good junk, if that’s what you want to call it! And sometimes I even make stuff with it…

And the studio is looking quite good! It is admittedly still a mess…but I see some shape taking form. One wall for all the paintings on wood. Check. One wall for drawings on large paper and one large five foot square painting. Check. One area for my nearing one hundred ‘specimen’ drawings and then, one 3′ x 8′ table for sketchbooks and portfolios. Check. If you’re wondering about prices, which I don’t think I’ve posted, the range is from $100 for the framed drawings up to $6200 for large work on wood…and lots of price points in between. Do let me know if you have specific questions about any work in particular.

And now…[drum roll] I am ready to officially invite you down for the Eastside Culture Crawl!

studio getting kind of cleaner...


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