spot the rhetoric (& why i love bulletin boards)

office bulletin board, december

to the left of my desk…’learning to fly’ by roy roberts, ‘rhetoric on the run’ by clive robertson, ‘making your art is useless…’ by edna o’brien & bravo siobhan, illustrated by rachel berman, 1000 bill orchid studio gift cert & private film fest invite by rory macdonald, and so on…
it’s not all there. i mean, there is just not room on all the walls to post everything that inspires me or reminds of good people, or makes me laugh, or sends me back to a time…but i do just love to be surrounded by some of the great words, the meaningful moments, the cards, postcards, bookmarks, invites, typed letters (how rare is that these days!?) and even items with my own name on them to remind me where i’ve been and what i’ve done.
it feels like home to sit beside it. it is office, but more over, it is home.

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