Taking time…

Taking time and untying it from the hitch . Taking time to look, watch, see, learn; to be still. It doesn’t need to take an entire morning. It can simply be a single blink, a deep breath or a quiet moment of thought while the kettle boils. Seeing simple things as beautiful; seeing beautiful things as transformative.

I have taken some time off from studio life and from blogging to head back to Ontario & now, already one month into 2011, I’m back at it. It was an unplanned trip arranged very last-minute so that I could attend the funeral of my Uncle Gerald on Christmas eve. It was a heart wrenching time, yet so full of love. When the life of someone lovely is cut short, we are given a gift of something special in their memory. My gift from him was the value of time. He had many hobbies and talents…building a garage grand enough for a dozen fine studios, making ‘hooch’, retaining historical data and regaling those around with stories to invoke laughter, more stories and even more opinions! And taking photographs. These photos that were snapped with my phone are with him in mind.

It is my wish that you take time and turn it upside down and inside out. Make time for one simple thing a day…

simple sky, simple trees

simple lake huron

simple chilled vista


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