Sketchbook & Sea Creatures

Sketchbook & Sea Creatures. That’s about it in a clam shell.

I took the first of these shots one night in my studio when I had finished painting and was looking around at the various table surfaces to check that I hadn’t left any brushes out of the water cups where they usually rest when I’m not using them. I am in the habit of keeping my sketchbooks, magazine clippings and monographs around the studio, either hanging from clips or laying out on almost every surface that there is. I liked how the graphite sketch worked together with the photo next to it, even though they were totally separate from one another. Obviously, the creative juices flow from these and other amazing photographs and from reading and hearing about life in the ocean water but I rarely sit down and sketch from a photo. I just like how these look together. The sketches are from my current book.

All the photos here are from an Amazing book called ‘Another World; Colours, Textures and Patterns of the Deep’ by Dos Winkler, a revered naturalist photographer, author and documentary film maker. [Published by Prestel, ISBN 3-7913-3435-2] If you at all attracted to, inspired by or concerned about ocean life, you need to look up this magically beautiful book! You will see things that you may never, ever have the opportunity to experience other than in these pages!

sketchbook & sea creatures 1

sketchbook & sea creatures 2

sketchbook & sea creatures 3

sketchbook & sea creatures 4

sketchbook & sea creatures 5

sketchbook & sea creatures 6

sketchbook & sea creatures 7

sketchbook & sea creatures 8

sketchbook & sea creatures 9

sketchbook & sea creatures 10

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