Downtown derive, post riot

I have all kinds of theories, ideas and feelings about what happened last  Wednesday after ‘the Game’ but I want to put those aside and just post photos from my downtown derive two days after that ground shaking night. Like many other Vancouverites, I am a transplant, having happily lived in East Van for over ten years now. Although it is my home and I absolutely love it, I claim no understanding of its inner workings. There is so much beauty coupled with horrendous sadness. We display an environmental consciousness that seems rare among North Americans, yet the issues of homelessness, drug addiction and the dwindling support for the arts are incongruent with our stature as one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world.

Then this happened…

Perhaps enough has been said, and we have definitely experienced an overwhelming  barrage of images of the few hours where a very small (but effective)group of people let loose on our city centre. In the days after, there was such an outpouring of love and support that it became hard to grasp that all this was a result of five hours of destruction.

I walked around for a couple hours and snapped some shots with my phone of things that I felt were touching, ironic or that moved me. These are the more in focus of the few dozen.

We heart Van

!, well said



in song shall we meet


ubiquitous make love, not war



to the rioters

out of order


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