Minimal walls

A few minutes walk from my studio there is a permanent outdoor movie set. It is one full block, visible only through the gate and a few gaps in the board walls. Without knowing, we’ve all seen movies or TV shows, scenes of which have been filmed here; it passed easily for ‘anywhere, USA’ and most notably random streets of Vancouver in ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’. I love the area for its dirty, raw yet nebulously beautiful disposition. And, it is just kind of cool knowing these exterior walls contain so much gritty, juicy street character. Or maybe I’d like to paint like this: simple forms, clear composition, graphic layers. Here are a few shots of the area.

wall 1

wall 2

wall 3

wall 5

wall 6

wall 10

wall 11

wall 9

wall 7


6 thoughts on “Minimal walls

  1. I used to work there when I worked in film….very cool indeed. For Davinci’s we used it a lot as is for chasing people through an “industrial area” but also have changed it to be a Vietnamese market place, etc.

  2. I love these images, especially 9 and 10. I have walked past this area dozens of times and never noticed how beautiful it is. What a joy to re-discover it through your eyes.

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