Group show at Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary

I’m in Calgary for my brother’s wedding and to meet with Deborah, my wonderful dealer at Herringer Kiss Gallery! It’s been great fun so far and particularly exciting to check out the group show at the gallery today. It is the much anticipated annual group show ‘ART FOR FOOD’ which sees the proceeds from the sale of art go to support Calgary’s Inter Faith Food Bank. Not only is it a worthy cause, but it is one of those rare times where clients, fans, collectors, artists and friends get to see gallery artists’ work exhibited together in a rare group show. I would highly recommend stopping in to see the great work of Angela Leach, Harry Kiyooka, Elizabeth Barnes, Eszter Burghart, Bill Laing, Marijan Eggermont and more!! The piece showing of mine is from my 2008 series ‘Oxygentated’. More photos to follow…


'oxygenated no. 6', 2008


'oxygenated no. 6', 84" x 24"


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