My friend Edward

Last month, I received an email from Edward, a mate that I shared studio space with during my college days in Cork, Ireland. I had not been in touch with him for over twenty years except for one amazing  meeting in London, England. I was enjoying the Tate on a last days of many months of wandering around Europe when I turned the corner into a hallway and literally ran into Edward. After the shock of the coincidence wore off we caught up over tea in the cafe. Him, on finishing his Master’s degree at Chelsea and me, wandering between Canada and Europe, always with inspiration and creative motives in mind. At the Crawford College of Art & Design, Edward was the most inspired and passionate student: working long hours in his studio or being out in nature sketching. He had such a complete body of complex etchings, extreme layered lino prints and exquisite drawings finished by the time our grad show came that we knew he deserved all the accolades and awards that he received. He was always kind and positive towards the efforts of others, and deeply passionate about what he loved.

I was so excited to hear that he is Head of Art at Brighton University, still creating beautiful work ( ), and continues to receive acknowledgments for his work and teaching. Most of all, he could not possibly be more passionate about life and art. So, when he re-posted this photo of one of my paintings with the following description, I was not just delighted, but honoured.

`presage no.9′, 2010  -48″ x 90″

| Siobhan Humston’s Art, to me, is a remarkable, consistent and refreshing voice of visual expression. I believe she is a creator and maker of the first order. This work, shown here, is bold yet subtle, daring yet restrained, symphonic yet intimate, energetic and flowing, leaning gracefully towards the transcendental – equivocating to the creative extremes, if comparisons can be made, in music, to Brahms’ First Piano C. |


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