S t u d i o S a l e . . .o n g o i n g . . .

Wednesday, November 30 UPDATE:  I WILL BE MOVING OUT OF ALLEY PAD STUDIO at the end of December so this will be the final sale at the studio. Lots to sift through, including PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, SKETCHES, SCULPTURES and other non-art-related goodies like kitchen things & chairs. Oh, the chairs…! No more events, dinner parties, concerts…so long Alley Pad, it’s been an amazing ride! Now…onward & upward…where the adventure is!


Nope, I`m not selling the farm, just some of the animals…so to speak!

Over the last few weeks, the city has been inspecting my building to bring it up to code so I have done some major clearing, cleaning and de-cluttering of my work and home space, Alley Pad Studio.
I thought that dirty word: move, was to be part of the equation!!! Eeeh gad, she said! Where…how…what…!! Never mind, it looks to have calmed down, and within the next few weeks I`ll know for certain where I`m at.

So, in the spirit of storing less & letting go, I invite you to check out some of the work. By appointment, email or call!
If you are interested in having a look either at photos or the work in person, just let me know. NO pressure…although I have to tell you, those who support the arts receive bonus karma points! Think of all the fun things you can do with those points!!

Small Paintings & sculptures – $75-$500
Medium – Large (less new) Work – $500-$3000
Large, recent work – $3000+


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