I Hate Moving. (The Case for Moving.)

I really do. I dislike it. OK, let’s be honest here: I hate it. Or, as my friend Adrien says about moving: I’d rather be sodomized by a Buick! It’s not that I haven’t done enough of it…whenever I find my next place, it’ll be my 20th…or 22nd…or…!! Maybe that’s just it: I’ve done enough of it and now, I’d just rather travel. However, that is not in the cards, and a city enforced move is. So, it’s onward & upward again!

It’s messy. (It is forcing me to clean, sort, let go of, giveaway or sell, thereby making my load lighter.)

It’s dusty & dirty. (I have an inhaler & a dustpan. And three vacuum cleaners, two of which I’m selling. Need one?)

It’s an emotional roller-coaster. (I have tissues. And friends. And vitamin C & D. And tea. And booze. And tea with booze. And music.)

It’s a lot of heavy lifting. (I have friends with strong arms, tireless good spirits with milk trucks and vans.)

It’s upheaval. (It forces one to take stock…of the things we collect, of where we’ve been thus far, of the good things that have happened in this place and many others. It massages the imagination with thoughts of where my life can go.)

It’s confusing. (Sometimes my brain works like the best liquor cabinet in the world: where is it, it’s on the top shelf and need to be finished by tomorrow)

It puts a major strain on creativity and deadlines. (It inspires daily painting postings on Facebook and silly blog entries like this one. And, I can work in my sketchbook.)

It’s tiring. (I still have a bed. Actually, I have two. Just saying: you’re welcome to stay over so we can start early again tomorrow!)

It’s a pain in the ass. (I have a great acupuncture doctor who heals me up every time.)

It’s frustrating. (I can read a book to get make me forget my story and play with the tale of someone unknown.)

It’s sad. (I have more tissues.)

It’s stressful. (I have a cat who purrs and likes to nap on my chest.)

It’s forcing me out of where I don’t want to leave…(into an adventure I may otherwise have missed…)

It sucks. (I have no ‘however’ for that one. Alright…it does not suck as badly as…well, I don’t know, torture or starvation, but while one is in the thick of it, it just does suck.)

Alley Pad Studio in one of her more tidy moments...


2 thoughts on “I Hate Moving. (The Case for Moving.)

  1. It will lead to another adventure and yes it is amazing how stuck in our ways we can be especially as we get older BUT it’s good to be open to change as the new possibilities can be fun and exciting as well as challenging. Stay well and hope to see you in IRL soon šŸ™‚

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