Away with me…

Well, it’s that time, and my how’s it’s flown.  As of next week, I’ll be away from Vancouver to do some wandering around the Byrdcliffe Guild Artist Residency acreage for July, then will be bouncing between New York and Toronto, and some favourite spots in between. I’m taking myself off of Facebook and plan to do my updates here instead. Join me if you like, by subscribing. I will attempt to leave out the parts that people skip (as per Elmore Leonard)…

Wishing you all a fantastic summer, full of all your favourite things & people!


4 thoughts on “Away with me…

  1. Congratulations on the residency and have the best summer! Valerie PS: sorry we did not get to connect while you were in the hood…just got to squished for time planning our escape…

    • thanks val! no worries…i totally know what it’s like to plan a getaway…the TO DO list just seems to keep getting longer instead of shorter! …trust you’re having a blast in amsterdam!

  2. I wish you all the best in your summer adventure in New York and Toronto. I look forward to seeing your new works after the summer.

    I hope to still be here in Vancouver too.

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