Artist in Residence this summer…fall…winter…

Today is the day! I’m leaving for the Artist in Residence at BYRDCLIFFE GUILD Art Colony in Woodstock, New York. I’m playin’ Woodstock baby!

I’ll be arriving there this coming Tuesday and will be hanging out in the studio, the kitchen, the living room where there’s a beautiful grand piano, the lake and the woods until the end of July. My art supplies from Blick in NYC are ordered and being delivered right to my studio! How great is that? Then on to NYC to get a hot & humid city fix!

Two pieces of exciting news to add to my summer schedule are an opening PARTS GALLERY on August 11 in the afternoon, where I’ll be showing new work from the ‘tumbleweed coral’, ‘presage’ and ‘dwell’ series. Special thanks to Dianna & Ric at Parts for re-arranging their schedules to accommodate my residences.

And, a full year Artist in Residence position at the stunningly positioned Ranger Art Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs. I’ll be arriving there to set up my studio and flat at the end of August where I’ll be living and working until August of 2013! I’m so excited to explore the area, meet the community and delve into a solid year of work in the studio!

Check out the gallery and area through the link below.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to staying in touch when I can. If you prefer to email, you can do so to this address: Thanks all for your interest & support!!


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