Two months later…

…three additional weeks at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony, stops in New York City, Ontario at Niagra-on-the-Lake, Hamilton, Blue Point/Lake Huron, Toronto, London, then home to Vancouver, and now this. Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Artist in Residence position at the Ranger Station Art Gallery. I can’t believe that it is only six weeks since I left NYC in a pool of humidity, exhaustion and excitement! So to catch us up I’ll do a few postings with photos from these various places.

First, more Byrdcliffe. And can I tell you how amazing the experience and people were? Can I just reiterate that it was all that, and more!? It held the perfect plot arc of a movie: idyllic setting in an arts and crafts building badly in need of infrastructure work. Hottest temperatures and record humidity. Diverse and fascinating and kind and creative residents. Diverse and intrepid bugs, Lyme disease, exhaustion, fun, singing, dancing, plays, concerts, epic conversations on the front porch. Tornado warnings. Some folks leaving early. One returning again. Black plastic bags filled with personal and professional effects sun bathing effectively across the front lawn in order to burn away the ‘evil’. Stumps. The game involving nails, a stump of wood, half a dozen people giddy with alcohol and a single hammer. I was disallowed from further games after snagging first and second place. *she bows

What else? Readings & open studios. A road trip to Storm King & to Dia: Beacon. Inspiration oozing out of every minute. The love and support with which my fellows engaged during our month there, perhaps as important as the art work created. It is rare to find that kind of camaraderie in what we sometimes refer to as the ‘real world’. People who wake up thinking about their creative practice, and think about it all day. Dedicate their energy to this beyond almost everything else. And to share that. To express an interest in each other’s process. To ask each morning: how are you? and listen for the answer. And, how is ‘it’ going? And listen. To share stories, links, photos, books, artist’s names, galleries, museums, music, movies. Experience. To share concern when a fellow loses hope, even momentarily. To ask: what is that about? what did you mean? how is that even possible?! How are you so amazing? And, how are we all so amazing? Because that last one is the truth in life…we just forget to engage each other enough to discover or remember how amazing we all are. Quirks, flaws and knocking our heads against life, and all. It is the truth. So, this posting is dedicated to the amazing ‘session 2’ people, with just a few photos to share. Every single one of the twenty or so people who were immediately connected with my month-long tenure had a direct and lasting impact on my psyche. I am so appreciative of that. Here I am, thousands of miles away with a very clear place in my heart where the moments of that month have found a meaningful place to rest.

At this moment the wind is blowing through a window that faces Harrison Lake. For the first time in my two weeks of being here it caused the guitar to strum and the glass mobile to tap the bodhran, which leads me to one more thing: always be looking for magic. In people, in places, in moments. They may just cure what ails you. I know it worked for me.

Various links to some of these amazing folks:

Tc Tolbert, Poet. Tucson, Arizona

Dolores Alfieri, Writer. New York t

Pat Boas, Visual Artist. Portland, Oregon

Renay Egami, Visual Artist. British Columbia

Eleanor Ray, Visual Artist. NYC

Robin Messing, Writer. NYC

Daniel Kyong, Visual Artist. Korea

Ryan Griffith, Writer. San Diego, California

JP Olsen, Film Maker & Musician, NYC

Catherine Cafferty, Poet. NYC

Karen Martin, Writer & Editor. South Africa

Jessica Stoller, Visual Artist. NYC

Susan Berger, Visual Artist. NYC

Jane Harris, Writer/Curator. NYC

Lisa Interollo, Writer. NYC

Alexis, Catherine & Matt. Dedicated staff & fellows.


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