Eight months, five studios…

Nine months really. Last December 31 I shut the door on three and a half years of studio fun & challenges at Alley Pad Studio. Concerts, CD releases, book readings, plays, jam sessions, roof top BBQs. Dinner parties, birthday parties, celebration parties and private parties. It was the best of times, it was…well…we know how the story went.

I moved my working things along with piano & two pump organs to a studio near the bus station where I worked from January until mid-May. Owned by the City of Vancouver and situated in a kind of urban no man’s land, above a men’s homeless shelter, I shared it with Gregory from the amazing Scrap Arts Music. Mostly he was away touring, so in essence I shared it with the dozens of intriguing percussive instruments. His creations. The space was big and open, high ceiling vaulted with ten inch solid wood beams. And the ceiling leaked, the window panes were taped together and the piss scented hallways echoed with the sounds a the few other artists and craftsmen who called it ‘work’.  There I managed to finish enough work for two solo exhibitions, and when I heard that I was accepted to spend July in New York with the possibility of this current one year residency, I gave notice at Northern Street studios, packed up everything (again!) with the help of wonderful friends and shifted it all to storage.

May & June saw me running around getting work ready to ship to Calgary and to Toronto, organizing things that had moved from the boyfriend’s to the house-sit in Strathcona, being interviewed for the next residency, getting my passport, ordering art supplies to be shipped to the studio at Byrdcliffe, and packing. Packing to go away for the summer and packing everything (almost everything else) to go to storage. And then, a week before I left, I found out I was chosen to be this year’s Artist in Residence here at the Ranger Station Art Gallery so, contracts and criminal checks and further prep for that. And that led me to this lovely little annex situated beside the Viletta Inn on the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony. It was pretty small and I wasn’t sure how I could work on the large paintings that I had ordered paper for so I started off small. And slow. Easing back into a rhythm.

And then along came the lovely and talented Eleanor and offered to trade her larger studio for my cozy one. Hers was two doors down in the same Annex complex and quite a bit bigger than she was used to working in. Twenty minutes later we were both happy in our new, better suited spots.

And now here! The former Ranger Station, second floor. I love the complete whiteness of it all. It is worn in but bright. And there are five windows in the studio! Twelve in the hole place, eight of those at floor level which is super fun! On one side I look down onto the lake and the marina, on the other, the view is directly of the mountain side shrubs, stones, brush and earth.

This is where I am. And this is where I want to be. How lucky am I to be wrapped in both!

New work to follow…

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