New York, New York

New York. I have loved her since my first visit at age sixteen and held for her what always felt like a hopeless crush. I think during this visit I fell out of love with her. I was definitely more shocked than the city (I reckon she didn’t even notice I was there)…I think I sweat her out of my system. The intense humidity dragged heavy on my skirt tails, it dug its heals in while I surrendered to feeling and looking like a wilted, dying flower. I had little energy to see the places I would normally been bouncing off the wall to get to. I still saw amazing things and I so loved seeing friends in the city, discovering and being shown places that otherwise would have remained within the pages of an old dog-eared guide-book. To Catherine, JP, Ryan, Dolores and Tawnya, thank you for showing me a new city, a city no longer the sought after lover, but one that I imagine may one day become friend.

First meal in the city with the beautiful poet Catherine in the Meat Packing District. A suitable wall painting…

Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Close couple.

A little guitar wankin’ never hurt anyone…

Under the bridge in Brooklyn. I can’t recall which one, I just remember how visually captivating the shadows and light were.

Was it the East Village we wondered around until 3am…I don’t know. I just know that it was so much fun to see live music, eat great Mexican food, drink cheap pints in some local pubs. JP here.

Ryan. Late at night, pinball & beer. Kind of like being teenagers again.

Chelsea from the Highline. So much fun!

A few folks had a brilliant idea & stuck it out to see all this come to fruition. Love the High-line: the idea, the walk, the fellowship of visitors and frequenters. The natural beauty planted between the concrete.

Inspired signage.

Chelsea scope.

One full day at the MoMA was a perfect solution to the stubborn weather. And…could a stairwell be more beautiful?

At the MoMA cafe, the line up was too long so I went across the street to an Irish Pub. I came back refreshed after a pint & soup. Loved the full wall of brightly coloured text.

Lee Bontecou. I could stay for days with her work…

A question worth pondering…

A faded version of its former glory, Coney Island Freak Show still well worth the ten bucks! Gorgeous sword swallowing gal, super bendy guy, big snakes, bed of nails and much, much more. Step right up with your beer and your child-like delight and disbelief!

Coney Island Beachscape

Boardwalk stripes

At Totonno’s Pizza Joint at Coney Island. As happenstance would have it, a crew from the Food Network were there setting up to do a feature on this restaurant for a show. They interviewed JP and I however I don’t think they’ll use my clip as I kept referring to the crust as the skin, then saying “Oops, crust”. “Cut!” Still, the pizza was mighty fine and it was fun being there for the set-up and seeing all the signed photos of former guests.

JP modeling the Margherita Pizza.

Heat drenched sounds so sweet! Williamsborough. Hipster central. Found a great book stall: 4 for $10! Can’t argue with that logic.

The port, Brooklyn. Near Dumbo. Somewhere…

We ventured out to see JP’s band mate play a gig in Brooklyn but the show was sold out. One of the Mumford and Son’s dudes was spinning tunes so it was packed. Still it was fun, and here is our sad goodbyes. Not so sad looking on the outside. JP, Dolores, Catherine. Absolute lovelies!

And, out of Chinatown for the week & up to Inwood to visit with the amazingly lovely and talented violist Tawnya!

The Cloisters.  Hard to believe this is in Manhattan!

Under the George Washington on bicycles. A highlight of my whole trip, cycling through Inwood and Harlem, then for a beautiful dinner, and home by street lights.

The new Recreation Centre in the distance, a former factory.

Homeward bound, I whispered my goodbyes. Ciao bella New York, see you again soon when you are not so smokin’ hot.


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