Storm King, New York

Next up in the recalling of summer posts are two New York folders. Storm King, the amazing 500 acre park that boasts over a hundred large-scale modern sculptures. It is hard to describe the impact the hours spent there had on me; there are so many factors that contributed to my sense of awe and overwhelming connection for the place. Suffice it to say that our road trip came at the end of a trying time in the residency where many of us were unable to focus on our work in the studio and after almost two and a half weeks of living in the woods, this wide open space had the effect of opening wide a door that had been until then, just cracked slightly. It was a glorious day and I think it released something in me that allowed my work, once I returned to the studio, to pour forth.

My apologies for not mentioning the names of the artists upon initial posting. I’ll come back to that later. For now, here are some snaps of the day. If you care to read more about this amazing park:


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