T e x t u r e s o f t h e C i t y

So, as I catch  myself up on posts it turns out that I am also closing in on a big number of hits on my blog. Not big in the sense that thousands of people who don’t know me clamber to the site to get updates on my life, but Big in the sense that it feels Big. Which, when one is talking about Art related issues, is all that really matters: how it feels.

So, I propose a contest. A ‘read the post, pick a picture, send a note’ and maybe win a little painting kind of deal. If you sign up to Follow the blog (which is really easy, and there are lots of seats left on the train), you get double the chance to Win. It’s how this game works. It feels good.

The rule is Tell Me Your Favourite Photo & Why and you may be chosen to have a piece of original artwork sent to your home via flying unicorn spaceship. That’s just how I’m rolling this week.



3 thoughts on “T e x t u r e s o f t h e C i t y

  1. Photo #2…my favourite because it looks like the drain is sticking its tongue out, as if thirsty, begging for the water to drip from the faucet. (that’s deep, man)

  2. I like the first one because there is no last name and it reminds me of being 20ish and down in the Rocks in Sydney singing the chorus to “Alice? Alice? who the &%$# is Alice?” ahhh drunken memories..

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