The Work

I knew that my work would change after the move. Because of the move. I knew that I wanted the change and while I finished work for the two solo shows, ideas were perculating. When I was accepted to go to New York I knew that this would be the time to experiment with change and have as much fun as possible doing so. To remain loose, and attempt to think not of finished pieces, but of how to allow ideas to flow out and take shape in the two-dimension. My thoughts around the change were about displacement. Yes, due to my own personal upheaval, but in a greater sense, about humans and our displacement from nature. Which in turn, in my belief, results in displacement from ourselves. What is it that renders us so separate from nature herself, and therefore breeds a carelessness inherent in our actions toward our surroundings?

My idea was to introduce elements of the ‘man-made’ into my visual lexicon. I took photos of cars (and anyone who knows me personally knows how odd that is), of  houses, of architectural plans, of maps, roads, signs and so on. I was not sure how the man-made & design oriented objects would mesh with my established style of painting and drawing but I knew that I wanted to draw ‘something’. To draw something defined. Clean. Spacious. Clear. And to create a story with more depth. More chapters. More interest. And in the end, I found that visitors to the studio responded with interest, readily sharing and building their own stories from their visual response. Perhaps that is because it was New York…don’t answer that…or perhaps there happened to be ‘more story’ to work with. In the end, I did create finished pieces and I am pleased. They are a platform to jump off now, continuing with new ideas.

‘Red rooms, green rooms’    Watercolour, graphite, gesso on architectural renderings. 32″ x 24″

‘car cover-ups no.1-4’    Graphite, photo paper, watercolour, thread on tracing and craft paper.  15″ x 15″

‘what better day’    watercolour, graphite on paper     39″ x 48″

‘please do not dive in the shallow end’   watercolour, graphite on paper  45″x50″

‘please see reverse for instructions’  watercolour, graphite on paper 48″x 52″

‘if we were silent’   watercolour, graphite, collage on paper   48″ x 56″




‘green space, 4 of 24’  watercolour, graphite, ink on gessoed photo paper, 6″ x 4″





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