Life segmented in video

Here’s  a link to a little video made by the kind folks with the Kent Harrison Arts Council. Shot back in November, sixteen year old Emma Schram posed the questions, shot and edited this. I think she did a great job! The only thing missing is some acknowledgement about how unique this Artist in Residence program is, and how it is fueled entirely by volunteers. And my appreciation at having landed in such an amazing environment for a whole year! So, thank you everyone. I am so proud to call Ranger Station Art Gallery home…at least for another seven months!


sculpture studio


One thought on “Life segmented in video

  1. Hi, I love it. YOu are great. Can’t wait to see you again soon. Oh, there’s Cattie in the video too. He looks wonderful.:) Sorry to not call back last weekend. We got here and Kainoa had really high fevers for the first 4-5 days so I was kind of immersed. He is much better now. We are coming home on Monday/Tuesday though. Just waiting for Ian to be able to come. We are both missing home a lot but it has been good to spend a little time here in the snow. I just woke up for a few minutes and am watching your movie but am heading straight back to sleep. Let’s talk again soon. If you haven’t made it to White Rock yet than next week would work for me. Lots of love, Nicole xo

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