Decision making!

It’s time to get some new business cards printed! I love doing the graphics but making the decisions, not so much. My days are filled with hundreds of decisions about colour, content, creativity, what to do, where and when, so I thought I’d do the fun thing and ask for your help with this one. I’m going to post some options that I’ve put together, and if you you’d like to take the time to comment, either on here or Facebook, your efforts will be much appreciated. So much so that I may be inclined to give you a massive burst of virtual love, if you can handle it! If I get enough feedback, I do a draw for a drawing to pass along to one of you helpful lovelies! Tell me which one you like, or none, and why, if you know…the layout, the colour or lack of it, the image etc. Standard size 3″ x 2.5″.

Thank you so much in advance! 

Business Card No1: Totem


Business Card Option no2 : Totem, no name


Business Card no3 : Winter Cyan


Business Card Option no4


Business Card Option no5 : Speciman2


Business Card Option no6 : Specimen series


Business Card Back : vertical with name

Business Card Back : horizontal


4 thoughts on “Decision making!

  1. Hey Siobhan! I loved your video interview. Nice to see and hear you chat about your work- would be nicer in person of course. Maybe soon…
    Bus. cards- I like the blue/green horizontal as there is so much about the natural world in your work and blue/green make me think of your work. Or, the one beneath it is also a favourite out of all of them (if I can have 2). Not sure why. All of the work is lovely and wonderful but am going with mostly a gut reaction thing.

    • Thanks so much Tammy!
      It would be great to see you…let me know if you’re making a visit west so we can get together…come visit me at the Ranger Station if it’s before summer!
      Hope you’re well! xo

  2. I LOVE the Top One-That Painting Haunts my Dreams and my days!Love the Text style though it could just say ARTIST as the Visual is implied-though the splitting of one work on each side works for me too!Hey Girl Love the updates! Love Annette

    • Thanks for the great feedback Annette! Funny, you’re the only one that picked my top choice…I think because it’s one of the newer works and it feels more fresh & less ‘pretty’. Hope all is well on Mayne with you & yours!! Hugs, S

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