‘in progresser’ [more in progress]

I think, therefore I get distracted. I think, therefore I feel. I think, therefore I create. I think, therefore I get down. I think, therefore I get back up. I think, therefore I get distracted. I think, therefore it is all good…

These last few months out here in frontier land have been an interesting time for me. Along side many other benefits, being Artist in Residence at the Ranger Station has meant becoming a vessel for ones own run on thought processes. Here, the immediate distractions are minimal: walking out in nature and discovering new places to walk in nature. Getting groceries. Occasionally eating out, which offers minimal but valuable human interaction. And driving my lonely ass to the city for appointments, meetings and the essential social niceties. Whatever this is hit me unsuspected, creeping up on me during the long month of December. Is it loneliness or a long, grey winter? What is that and does it even make sense? Sure it does. I am here to tell you that all of it does so. Vitamin D in pocket, words in mouth, pencil in hand. It does. Somehow, it ties in with my work these days about displacement in modern urban society from nature, our impact on it. Displacement, in other words, from ourselves, no matter where we are.

Everyday, I keep busy. I am taking and formatting thousands of photographs monthly. I watch movies, read books, and spend time in the studio and constantly jot down ideas. Ideas for drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, proposals, fabric works, book works, songs, recordings, videos, clothing and on and on and onward. While I  spend all of my time here alone and being creative, I re-realized that there needs to be significant down time or relief for both sides of my brain. I joined the community centre to swim and work out for the twin reasons of exercising the body and freeing up the mind from its over activity. Long story (always).

And, in the studio, this is what is developing…

image (37)

Studio table with work in progress

image (40)

Graphite, graphite paint, watercolour on watercolour paper (58″ x 54″)

image (32)

Work table with wood panels

image (39)

Wood panel -graphite, gesso, watercolour- in progress

image (36)

Back to acrylic (not sure I like it anymore) on wood panel. 48″ x 48″

image (33)

Building something from something else…(see above)


2 thoughts on “‘in progresser’ [more in progress]

  1. Hi Siobhan, when I met you I was longing to see your studio, but I missed my chance! Looks like you’re doing amazing work there; and I really love the last painting, very intriguing & mysterious.

  2. Hello Siobhan, I just discovered your work on line. Can’t wait to see it for real. I’m in Ontario so I’ll contact Parts Gallery to see if that’s possible this week!

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