From the Minds of Three

Last week I had the pleasure of a visit from three friends and fellow artists. We shared lunch, a studio visit, a walk then a stop for snacks in my favourite local pub. The enjoyable afternoon corresponded nicely with winter breaking into spring, the sun peeking out more frequently and my own need to share the work I’ve been focusing on in the studio for the last many months. Not only is it beneficial to be able to have feedback, social contact and good juicy discussions, I am knowing now without a trace of doubt, that it is integral for my (our) emotional and physical welfare. All three artists posted about the visit to my Ranger Station studio on their blogs. And how fun is this to experience an afternoon in time from three unique perspectives. Romanticizing the life of a single woman, loving the use of every single inch of space, observing the work and its changes over time. So valuable, so valued.

Here are links to their blog postings. Explore & enjoy…

Rachael Ashe    Paper works & Photography

Valerie Arntzen   Assemblage & Photography

Mary Anne Tateishi    Mixed Media Painting

And a photo of my own, from yesterday.

Tractor Totem, in progress

One thought on “From the Minds of Three

  1. I enjoyed both my visit and reading everyone’s blogposts. Like the movie Rashomon, everyone has a different perspective of the same event, but all were creatively inspiring in their own ways. Thanks for having us to the studio, Siobhan!

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