Totem Postcards

Here’s a couple snaps of the current ‘Exploring Totem’ exhibition at the Ranger Station Art Gallery. I’ll be posting better photos of the whole space in the next couple days along with a little video tour.

The group of photographs, seven inch square, are available for sale at $40 each or 3 for $100. They are printed on Mi-Tientes cotton paper, giving them the slight look of a watercolour painting. I chose nine images to reproduce as postcards that are available as a group for $12 plus $1.50 for shipping. Contact me at to order or purchase or go straight to Paypal with the same email. Make sure you give me your mailing address (with postal code).

And as always, with great big gratitude to you for your ongoing support!

'Some of What Totem'


'all growth totem'  - 4" x 6" postcard

‘all growth totem’

'from winter totem'

‘from winter totem’

'from whence we grow totem'

‘from whence we grow totem’

'full growth totem'

‘full growth totem’

'glowing totem'

‘glowing totem’

'going into totem'

‘going into totem’

'old growth totem'

‘old growth totem’

'swing on beauty'

‘swing on beauty’

'through the view totem'

‘through the view totem’


2 thoughts on “Totem Postcards

    • hi nancy,
      thanks so much!

      sorry, i need to make that more clear, right?! you can pay me through paypal ( and just email me you address and i’ll pop them in the post. if you prefer, you can send a checque to po box 717, harrison hot springs, bc, v0m 1k0. whichever you prefer.

      hope you’re well!

      thanks again.

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