Artist Statement

I practice VISUAL ART. Practice meaning the pursuit of high quality while tending to the elusiveness of perfection. A Wabi Sabi of process: beauty in imperfection.

My MEDIUMS: acrylic and watercolour paint, graphite, gesso, wood and paper. My THOUGHT PROCESS: reading and writing, observing and looking, thinking and discerning, taking photographs, playing music, talking about art and life, watching documentaries about people, places and issues that concern and interest me.

MY STUDIO PRACTICE:  tables, painting carts, other work cabinets. Windows. Books. The assessing couch. I use acrylic and watercolour in a similar way, by layering, sealing, drawing with graphite in and around. I work horizontally on table tops to allow paint to pool and then evaporate, and on the wall to enable the paint to move with gravity. I tend to explore a piece with periods of time in between beginning and end, seeing it in different lights and moods before making aesthetic decisions about its finality. And I work on many pieces at once. I move pieces around, upside down and side ways and especially move the order on the wall, knowing that composition is not limited to the piece itself but also to its surroundings.

My INTERESTS: NATURE, its BEAUTY and its FRAILTY. I am fascinated by ocean life, microbial patterns, hyperbolic geometry, biological replicating, environmental replenishment. I look at anything that offers insight; so many things offer fodder for aesthetic advance.

QUESTIONS: How we treat and live in nature, and without it. How we value and misuse it. What is becoming extinct and how. What that process looks like. How we are both careless and reverent. What are the solutions and what do I do to become part of the solution. 

I strive to create art that is aesthetically intriguing and that presents a visual pathway into new places of introspection and development through the use of colours and forms, lines and layers, content and composition. I want to present a story that resides outside of environmental morality and in some way finds comfort, or solutions, or ideas, by reverting back to beauty, whether in its fullest form or in its demise while at the same time perhaps referring to our carelessness with indirect visual references. I am not an escapist, I am a naturalist and a visual artist. I create to grow further insight through the use of this visual language I continue to learn and to move others to speculate…

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