C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N S
2014  University of the Fraser Valley Gallery   draw the line    Abbotsford, BC
2013 Elissa Cristall Gallery   New Work     Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Sales & Rental   Featured Artist    Vancouver, BC
Ranger Station Art Gallery    Exploring Totem      Harrison Hot Springs, BC
2012 Parts Gallery  dwell    Toronto, Ontario
Herringer Kiss Gallery   stem    Calgary, Alberta
2010 Herringer Kiss Gallery  presage    Calgary, Alberta
2008 TRUNK Gallery   oxygenated     Vancouver, BC
Herringer Kiss Gallery   stem & wing    Calgary, Alberta
2006 Halde Galerie    serenity     Zurich, Switzerland
2004 ARC Gallery   elements    Vancouver, B.C.
2003 studio blue gallery   Constellations      Vancouver, B.C.
1999 Art Gallery of the South Okanagan     Cycles and Symbols  Penticton, B.C.
1995 Michael Gibson Gallery   Sixty-five Drawings      London, Ontario

S M A L L   G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S
2013  The Reach Public Gallery    Fraser Valley Biennale    Abbotsford, British Columbia
2011  Herringer Kiss Gallery   Abstract Hues   Calgary, Alberta
2010  Toronto International Art Fair   Parts Gallery     Toronto, Ontario
2009  Parts Gallery   orsa   (S.Humston/Ric Santon)    Toronto, Ontario
2007  Sopa Fine Arts  stem & sentinel  (S.Humston/J.Alfaro)   Kelowna,  B.C
2006  Sopa Fine Arts  elements     Kelowna, BC
Jacana Gallery    sweet raw   (S.Humston/Leah Rosenberg)    Vancouver, BC
Summit Gallery    bloom       Banff, Alberta
2005  Snap Gallery   The Shape of Light    Vancouver, BC
Snap Gallery    movement & stillness    Vancouver, BC
Sugar and Sugar   rogers, ljubojevic, humston    Vancouver, BC
2003  Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Sales and Rental    Spring Exhibition    Vancouver, BC
1997  Between Cultures    Selected Group Exhibition       London, Ontario
1995  MacIntosh Gallery, UWO    Generating Voice      London, Ontario

S E L E C T E D   G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S
2015   Fringe Arts Bath Festival   The Manifesto of the Wall    Bath, UK
2007 The Cultch   Process & Intent   Vancouver, BC
2006  Jacana Gallery  Best Wishes   Gallery Artists Group Show     Vancouver, BC
Sopa Fine Arts  wrap it up    Gallery Artists Group Exhibition   Kelowna, BC
ARC Gallery   uncommon passion    Group Exhibition     Vancouver, BC
2005  Jacana Gallery   Winter Group Show       Vancouver, BC
Halde Gallery   Recent Contemporary Works      Zurich, Switzerland
ARC Gallery  uncommon denominator     Vancouver, BC
2004  Gallery Jones   Selected Artists   Vancouver, BC
ARC Gallery   uncommon light        Vancouver, BC
The Whip   Culture Crawl Exhibition     Vancouver, BC
Aion Gallery  Art to Carry -artist’s book exhibition  Vancouver, BC
Exhibit Gallery      Inaugural Exhibition         Vancouver, B.C.
2003  studio blue  Gallery Artists       Vancouver, BC
Casa Gallery   Gallery Artists      Vancouver, BC.
1998  Art Gallery of the South Okanagan    Okanagan Creates   Penticton, BC
Art Gallery of the South Okanagan   Treasured Chests    Penticton, BC
White Gallery   Bealart Retrospective    London, Ontario
1997  Figuratively Speaking Independent Group Exhibition    Penticton, BC.
1996  The Alternator  Annual Member’s Exhibition    Kelowna, BC.
1995  The Big Picture   Independent Group Exhibition     London, Ontario
London New Arts Festival   Annual Juried Exhibition     London, Ontario
Michael Gibson Gallery    Gallery Artist’s Exhibition     London, Ontario
1994  London Art & Historical Museum   47th Annual Juried Exhibition    London, Ontario
Michael Gibson Gallery    London Contemporary Artists     London, Ontario
London New Arts Festival   Annual Juried Exhibition     London, Ontario
Forest City Gallery    Big City Show    London, Ontario
Room Twenty-Three   Group Exhibition    Guelph, Ontario
1993  Michael Gibson Gallery   Juried Miniature Exhibition      London, Ontario
Michael Gibson Gallery     Contemporary London Artists     London, Ontario

I N S T A L L A T I O N / P E R F O R M A N C E
2007  ECHO CHAMBER ChapelArtsCentre  painting performance  Vancouver
2006  ECHO CHAMBER ArtistResourceCentre painting performance      Vancouver
2005  silence   a live elevator installation    Artist Resource Centre         Vancouver
2004  SHED multi media installation  ARC building, Vancouver
ARC Gallery uncommon wealth group exhibition (co-produced & co-curated)                        Vancouver

A W A R D S  &  R E S I D E N C I E S
BC Arts Council Education Grant for MFA studies at Falmouth University, UK
Artist in Residence, Ranger Station Art Gallery/Kent Harrison Arts Council, Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant
Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Artist in Residence, New York, USA
Knock on Woods Artist in Residence, Mayne Island, BC/Rotterdam, Netherlands
BC Arts Council (Art Gallery of the South Okanagan) Exhibition Assistance Grant
Ontario Arts Council  (MacIntosh Gallery) Exhibition Assistance Grant
Ontario Arts Council  (Forest City Gallery) Exhibition Assistance Grant
City of London Arts Bursary
Michael Gibson Gallery, Juried Miniature Exhibition Best in Show Award

Falmouth University of the Arts    Falmouth, Cornwall, UK   MFA in progress
Crawford College of Art and Design    Cork, Ireland
Bealart     London, Canada

Private & corporate collections in Canada, United States, Britain, Ireland, Europe, Australia.


Agassiz Observer   ‘Resident Artist Exhibits New Work’     June, 2012
RV West Magazine  ‘Harrison Inspires Creativity…’   [Karissa Gall]     March 11, 2013
NOW Magazine   ‘Coral & Metal Dresses…This Week’s Must-see Art’   [Fran Schechter]August, 2012
The Calgary Journal    ‘Downtown Gallery welcomes back…’ by Leah Brownridge     April 16, 2010
City  TV Calgary  ‘The Breakfast Show’ Interview    February 22, 2008
City TV     ‘Culture Crawl Highlights’        November 16, 2007
24 Hrs Magazine   Issue 31    ‘Take a Peek: Crawl Space’ [Carly Krug]    November 23, 2006
Galleries West   online review    [Ann Rosenberg]    June 2006
Vancouver Sun   ‘Artist in Residence’ November 19, 2005
CBC Radio ‘The Arts Report (Trevor Hughes)’ Aired November 18 & 20, 2004
VISION   ‘The Vancouver Issue’ [Chinese Publication]     January/ February, 2004
Westender  [Mary Frances Hill]   ‘Artscetera’    January 9-15, 2003
Penticton Western  [Sandra Vogel]  ‘Penticton Artist’s Work’    April 20, 1999
Penticton Herald  [Donna Henninson]  ‘Artist’s Work Symbolic’   May 27, 1999
Scene Magazine  [Sylvia Curtis-Norcross]  ‘Emblems of a Cultural Dialogue’   April 27-24, 1997
Scene Magazine  [Avril Flanigan]  ‘The Big Picture Exhibits New Talent’   Dec.14-20, 1995
Scene Magazine  [Avril Flanigan]  ‘Siobhán Humston- Mesmerizing’   Oct.5-11, 1995
London Free Press  [Sue Reeves]  ‘On Exhibit’   Oct.6, 1995
Scene Magazine  [Jill Price]  ‘Generating Voice’   July 20-26, 1995
id Magazine  [S.Hayden/M.Shelstad]  ‘Generating Opportunity’  July 6-19, 1995
London Free Press  [Joe Matayas]  ‘Young Artists Experimenting’   June 16, 1995

G A L L E R Y   R E P R E S E N T A T I O N
Elissa Cristall Gallery    Vancouver, Canada
Herringer Kiss Gallery    Calgary, Canada
Parts Gallery    Toronto, Canada
Vancouver Art Gallery   Art Sales & Rentals



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