In the City

It’s about time for an update. The kind of update that won’t confuse or confound you, but will make some kind of sense of the scattered events ending 2013 and beginning 2014. Making chronology of falling leaves and planted seeds.

So, I’m back in the city. Vancouver. The place that was home but has of late released me of its captivation. I voted myself off the island and am blessed to have amazing, lovely friends who graciously let me stay for a day or week at a time while I sort out my near and further future.

From here I’ll be heading back to Mayne Island, where I’m subletting an amazing, hand built home and studio for Spring and Summer, getting back to painting, sculpture and making plans to move to the UK to attend the Art & Environment Master’s program at Falmouth University. I will continue my daily posts on Instagram and my work can be seen and purchased through various galleries across Canada. Meanwhile, thank you for your continuing support. With great big love & gratitude!

From Here Totem



Sun Yat Sen Totem



Extension Totem




Special thanks go to Marta ( & Roy (, who made me feel at home however last minute, seemed to love everything I cooked, always had the kettle at a boil and engaged me in many hours of cathartic, philosophical conversation. To Sarah ( & Tim ( who trusted me with their gorgeous brood of kitties, offered me a heavenly bedroom lined from floor to ceiling with books, fed me streams of eatable goodness and kindness that cannot be hatched or cooked. To Rory ( who always opens his studio and ‘live’ room for me when I’m wandering, and offers the kind of moral support, fun and love not available to just any elephant. To Gisela, who let me stay in her church condo while she flew East and continues to offer support in the form of weekly BBC viewings and more. To David, who introduced me to his island (now my new favourite place) and taught me to trust my instincts; that sometimes hidden under a red flag lay the seeds of wonder and creativity. To Annette & Michael (Core Studio, Mayne Island) who opened their family to me and made everything alright when it sometimes just didn’t seem to be so. And, to Tony DaBoom, whose beautiful home I am currently ‘sitting’ whilst he graces the streets of Buenos Aires with his smile and open heart.  That was just the six weeks between December and February. I’d use a lot of letters to thank the other friends who have been so loving, helpful and amazing along the way. THANK YOU thank you thank you… xox

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