In the Thick!

So, it’s summer and that means the pull to be by the seaside is greater than ever! However, in my camp, it also means that in less than two months, I plan to have the majority of my MFA work complete to show with the MA Art & Environment cohort’s final exhibition. I’m working on three major projects that tie in with ideas of a daily art making regimen and mindfullness practice. More on that later…

Meanwhile, just a very brief note to encourage you to swing over to my website where I have re-formatted and added to existing portfolio. In coming to the UK to do my MFA degree, my purpose was to broaden and make coherent my art practice and so I have divided my work into categories, although some work is not quite definable as one or the other but belongs in that spectrum of work called multi-disciplinary. The page headings are DRAWING, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION and CV, CONTACT etc. I will be adding a COMMISSIONS and PURCHASE page at some point as things become more certain as to where I will be living and working past August.

endangered 101, in transit

'The Stories I Tell', drawing in studio

Happy Summers days & nights, and, as always, with great big gratitude for your ongoing interest, support and love!



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