Ready to Jump!

ready to jump


Here’s a brief update on the post grad campaign for those who have supported me in this effort, and for those who have expressed interest in doing so. SUNDAY, AUGUST 17th IS THE LAST DAY to place any orders for framed or unframed prints , and to be included in the draw for an original painting! Postcards will be made available for as long as there is stock, and you can contact me here or by email to place orders.

Regarding school… I am registered, have my passports and UK papers ready to go, my course start date and my flight and temporary accommodation booked. Sadly, I was not awarded either of the scholarships that I applied for but wait with fingers crossed to hear back regarding the BC Arts Council education grant.

Thank you for your encouragement, support and even to those who think I’m a little nuts or couldn’t care less about me pursuing this plan to study for my Masters degree. You all help me to define the hows & whys of my future and shed light, everyday, on how blessed I am!being here, now

With great big gratitude, Siobhan


studio, work in progress






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